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The Care for Israel Project

Care for Israel was established to support programs that share our vision for a realistic solution to the poverty crisis in Israel. We support the Care for Israel Family Enrichment Association whose focus on incorporating both children-at-risk and their parents into a unique program promises new hope for Israel's neediest families.

Care for Israel funds based upon grant applications submitted to it and are decided upon by the Board of Directors. Care for Israel is an independent entity and operates according to the laws of the state of New York and the United States of America.

Care for Israel is a network of afternoon centers across Israel that offers new hope and possibilities for disadvantaged, troubled families. The only framework of its kind to work with both children and their parents on a long-term basis, Care for Israel has two equally-important facets:

  • Afternoon centers with enriching, constructive activities that develop each child’s potential to succeed
  • Programs for parents to help improve their parenting skills, manage their homes, and develop vocational and workplace skills
Children attend Care for Israel’s after-school centers for six years – from third grade through eighth grade, while their parents learn invaluable parenting and vocational skills. The program thus has a long-term and long-lasting beneficial impact on both the children and their families.

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