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Care for Israel Branches

Care for Israel currently supports after-school programs in Kiryat Malachi, Or Akiva and Kiryat Gat. Each branch serves local children and their parents.

Kiryat Malachi, an Israeli development town with its population of 19,000 residents, is particularly vulnerable to the growing phenomenon of children at risk. With the highest percentage of unemployment in Israel at 9.4 percent, many families are in financial and emotional crisis. About 50 percent of Kiryat Malachi’s residents are immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, and more than 40 percent of them receive welfare assistance. The programs, which operate four days per week, serve 120 students from the Netzach Yisrael School. Over 60 percent of them are of Ethiopian descent, a population struggling with a language barrier, cultural differences and poverty.

The Kiryat Malachi center was opened in 2007 with 40 children, selected due to difficult home circumstances including poverty, divorce, abuse and neglect. A striking transformation has taken place in these children. Immersed in a positive and supportive environment, they developed better behavioral and social skills in addition to advancing academically. Today, these children are attending local junior high schools in Kiryat Malachi, where they are excelling in their studies. Their teachers and principals report that these children are consistently receiving the highest grades in the class, out-performing children with much stronger socio-economic backgrounds.

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